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How do you put music from youtube onto a flash drive?

There’s a song on youtube (I haven’t checked Itunes yet because I can’t get to it for another day) that I need to download onto a flashdrive for a powerpoint on another computer. But I only want the music, not the video part. Is there a way to download the music from this video on youtube onto a flash drive?
I don’t need to know how to get it on the powerpoint from the flashdrive though.

    Posted 5 years ago

    look up a youtube to mp3 converter on google. Then put in the url of the link and it will convert it to a file you can download. Then just save it to your flashdrive.

      Posted 5 years ago

      Download a YouTube video to your computer

      To do this, there are many methods for you to choose. Search “YouTube downloader” in Google and you will get lots of advice. The easiest way i find is to use this website:

      It can help you take any video formats you want from YouTube and download it to your computer.

          Pokemon Master
          Posted 5 years ago

          that is illegal.

            Posted 5 years ago

            1.Download Youtube video with the free software Leawo Free Video Accelerator (http://www.leawo.com/video-accelerator/ )
            2.Then convert the Youtube video to .wmv format (as video) or mp3 format (as background music) with
            Leawo Free FLV Converter (http://www.leawo.com/download/flv-converter/flvconverter_free.exe ) so that you can easily insert it into PowerPoint.

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